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Hexing is a filler like game … but I thought I could do it better. So I built my own version of the game. Of course part of my reason for building this game was to learn the Android platform and the Cocos2d-x game engine, which I’ve now done.

Hexing is my first published game (Google Play and Amazon). I’ve been wanting to get into game programming for a long time now and finally got to the point where I couldn’t find anymore excuses not to.

The object of the game is to capture hexes around your home area until you have captured more than half the board. Your home area is defined by your home hex and all the hexes adjacent to it that are of the same colour. You are given a choice of coloured buttons to change your home colour (thus capturing more hexes) minus a set of blackout colours.

The blackout colours are, in the normal game, just the colours you and your opponent are currently using. In the more advanced versions of the game (see the Settings menu item) you can choose to have a delay in the return of colours to active play. This makes the game strategy slightly different.

Hexing, currently, has a fairly simple AI which should provide some challenge. Later the AI will be updated so winning isn’t quite as easy as it is now.

I’ve got lots of ideas to take this from a simple (rather trivial) game to something much more sophisticated and, hopefully, even more fun to play. Here are some of my current ideas:

  • Tilings: squares, triangles, Penrose, and others… ,
  • Incomplete information: Hidden board or stale board information,
  • Multiple players: Both human and AI players, with local or remote network play,
  • Competitive Arena (Campaigns): Where players can play a set gauntlet of pre-defined games competing with high scores and leader-boards,
  • Varied rule sets: Number of colours, and number of “hidden colours” are a part of the game currently but there are other implicit rules that can be altered too,
  • Irregular and edgeless maps,
  • Obstacles or other “terrain” features,
  • Random or unpredictable events,
  • Improved AI including different strategies that will provide more of a challenge to us mere mortals.

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