My Games so far…


My first Android Game

This is Hexing, my first Android game. It is a filler type game which I created as a introduction for myself into the wild wild world of Android game development. There are many avenues for extending this game which I intent to pursue as time allows. Give it a try! It FREE on Google Play and Amazon … and please let others know about my games.

Find Hexing at: and


(in progress)

Royals is my second game to be publish in 2021.

Royals is a game along the lines of Sean O’Connor’s Slay or Yiotro’s Antiyoy games. As suggested in this image the game will have game instances with multiple islands. It’s no longer possible to conquer the world by beating the opponents on your own continent but now you’ll have to transport to other islands to continue the battles. Due sometime in 2021 as time permits. Royals is progressing well. The edgeless map has been completed and I am working on the networking for multiplayer games now.

Strategic Forces Battle Calculator (SFBC)

(in progress)

This is a tool to help hex board game players deal with all the details (2019)

Strategic Forces Battle Calculator (SFBC) is a tool to help with the fiddly work of playing hex (and other grid types) board games. It will be based on a SSD type unit display along with a game and scenario definition files. This will allow the development of new games based on players interests. I’m hoping that this will inspire the development of more hex board games that we can all share. My first game out will be a Tank Battle game. I’m currently testing OpenCV to see if I can’t incorporate automatic camera to SSD conversion, and TensorFlow for hand drawn SSDs.


(in progress)


Again, an old game but one that I’m happy to resurrect. Empire is a 4x (explore, expand, exploit, and exterminate) war game developed back in the 1970s by Peter Langston. Game play is based on one or more islands with land-, naval- and air-forces. You are initially given one city and are asked what its production should be (usually armies is a good start). From there you explore your continent bringing more and more land under your control … until you find your enemy. Then very simple battle mechanics determines the results of your battles between your land, sea and air forces and those of your enemy. Currently I have a version running in NCurses which I’ll be converting over to the Android world when I get the building blocks for Royals completed.

Basic To C Translator (B2CTrans)

(in progress)

This is a sample listing from B2CTrans

I don’t like burning up all my time converting games from old source files to new languages. There are many games made in Basic that I would like to translate to C to bring them into the current computer age. That was my initial reason for building this translator … but then the compiler construction process got to be fun! I’m also looking at a Fortran to C translator for the Galaxy and Star Trek sources below.



This is an old mainframe game of Ship-to-Ship combat.

Galaxy is an old real-time game of ship-to-ship combat that I used to play on old Dec10 mainframe computers. I always wanted to add new features to it and play it again — without having to buy a Dec10 ($$$). I’ve got the source (Fortran) and I’m going to be translating it with my Fortran-to-C translator. Then I’ll be bringing it into the Android environment.



The old game of StarTrek

StarTrek was another old game that I enjoyed playing way back when computing used to be measured in tonnes rather than Giga-Hertz. This was a game of “Save the Federation from the Klingons”. It was played on a grid of ‘quadrants’ (more than four). You were the captain of the USS Enterprise and your mission was to rid the Federation space of some number of evil Klingons. But your time was limited and the Klingons fought back.