This game was the first multiplayer game that I ever played. After work my friends and I used to start up the Galaxy server on the companies old Dec10. Each of us would then find a high-speed terminal (9600 baud in those days) across the big now quiet room to play a game of Galaxy.

Galaxy was a space game where each player would pilot a ship and use various weapons to do away with the enemy forces.

Often would be heard, across the office, the dastardly snicker of some rogue firing off a volley of missiles only to hear the dying gasps of agony (Arrrgggghhhh!!!!) from somewhere else in the room. It was particularly nice if you were the one with the high speed terminal.

This game was always fun but fall in to disrepair … not keeping up with the new computing machinery.

So with my Fortran-to-C translator I’d like to take this and convert it to C and get it running on new hardware (Android).

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