NCurses Empire


“The War Game of the Century” as the documentation calls it. Well it was for a while but of course it’s been superseded a few times by “Empire” games produced by many others and by the bigger game factories.

I managed to get hold of the old Vax Fortran source which I want to run through my Fortran-to-C translator when I get that built.

In the meantime I’ve recreated the game in C++ using NCurses, CDK, Yaml, Protobuf, and Boost (there might be a few other packages there). My curiosity got the best of me because I wanted to know what it was like to write a game in NCurses. Turns out to be not too bad a process. But once I got it working fairly well it occurred to me that I was putting a lot of work into a version not many people would want to play. So I stopped working on it…

Now I’m getting going working on Android development with Cocos2d-x (a C++ game engine for Android/iPhone/Windows/Linux) so I thought …

… or maybe I started learning Android/Cocos2d-x because of Empire. Whichever!

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