In the beginning there was …

Yeah, OK. This is my first post. I guess it had to happen at some point. For a programmer that started out using mark-sense and key-punched card decks sent by car to a mainframe IBM computer miles away and returned days later this is almost like … MAGIC!

OK, well … no. Since I’m well versed on most levels of programming from building my own CPU from NAND gates … up to AI programming and vision programming with OpenCV it isn’t like ”Magic”.

But actually it really is.

To think that a CPU is really no more than a sophisticated machine — a bunch of switches operated by electrical pulses. A machine that uses NAND gates and other elementary circuit elements (or just NAND gates if you are a purist) to implement all the logic that will eventually present itself as a sophisticated game, AI or vision software that can do many of the things we wet-ware machines do without a second thought.

One of my pet projects is trying to understand how we get from a really obviously deterministic silicon machine to a (what appears to be) non-deterministic, free-will machine. So right now the silicon machine isn’t magic to me but the wet-ware one still is.