Climate Strike Waterloo Reigon

Well the local Climate Strike Waterloo Region group’s event for Sept27th, 2019 is almost upon us. I’ve been busy helping over there setting up the website and putting in an almost endless stream of changes.

But the result looks very promising. We’ve gone from 21visitors making 44 visits and not even acknowledge by Google and the other search engines a month ago, to 515 visitors making 988 visits yesterday and up to the second entry on the first page of Google results (for Climate Strike Waterloo Region) only beat out by the local paper’s article on us.

It should be an exciting day tomorrow. We usually have about 40-250 people protesting on the first Friday of every month. This time we’re not sure what to expect. We’ve got two universities in town (UofWaterloo my alma mater , and Wilfrid Laurier) and Conestoga collage. The Cambridge UofW Architecture campus has contacted us and will join up at the main campus up here for the march with Laurier to our local Waterloo Town Square.

In the process I’ve learned lots about WordPress and gotten much more familiar with the package. Hopefully, this will reflect in me doing more work on this site and providing many more of the tutorials I’ve got sitting in the wings.

Wish me luck for tomorrow…